Sunday, March 20, 2016

F2F-1 USN biplane fighter

F2F-1 S.N. 9673 of VF-5 Unit.

F2F-1 S.N. 9367 of VF-7 Unit.  1940 USS Wasp.

The Navy ordered 54 F2F-1 fighters on 17 May 1934, with the first aircraft delivered 19 January 1935. An additional aircraft was ordered to replace one which crashed on 16 March 1935, bringing the total to 55, with the final F2F-1 delivered on 2 August 1935. The F2F-1 had a relatively long service life for the time, serving in front-line squadrons from 1935 to late 1939, when squadrons began to receive the F3F-3 as a replacement. By September 1940, the F2F had been completely replaced in fighter squadrons and was relegated to training and utility duties. (source: )

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