Friday, February 8, 2013

Ju 88 A-4 VI./KG 30

This time I'm starting with new Ju 88 A-4 of KG 30. 
What is the most interesting, that we don't have any photographs. Only few parts of aircraft: 

Ju88A-4 Werke Nr. 140099 which crashed in the UK on 13/14 March 1944. The aircraft was from 6/KG30 and was coded 4D+FP. 
"The camouflage of the upper surfaces was a light blue-grey mottled dark green. The undersurfaces were spray painted black, whilst the engine cowlings were yellow with wavy lines of black."
And that's all. Maybe someone could help with it.
This profiles will be printed and exposed near to relicts of described Ju 88 A-4, so I would like to reconstruct this the most perfect I can. 

My idea of painting:
  1. Bottom parts painted black RLM 22
  2. Upper surfaces RLM 76 - a litlle bit darker variant
  3. Mottled green - RLM 70
  4. Cross - RLM 66
Any comments?

Junkers Ju88A-4
6 Sfaffel/Kampfgeschwader 30
Werke Nr. 140099
Code : 4D + FP
Crashed : 23.05 hours 14 March 1944
Location : Blackbrook, North Holmwood, Surrey, England

Pilot : Unteroffizier Gerhard Straube
Observer : Unteroffizier Alfred Schiffmann
Radio Operator : Unteroffizier Hans Sing
Gunner : Gefreiter Heinz Wende

All the crew were sadly killed. Only Straube's body could be identified.

The aircraft was shot down by a Mosquito NFXIII from 96 Squadron : pilot - F/O Norman Head, navigator F/O Arthur Andrews.

Another corelation:


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